Nkosikhona Baloyi

Aspiring Behaviorist Medical student (University of Zimbabwe) Mental Health Practitioner (Africa Healing Foundation) Leadership team (Kaizen Champions Trust) Alphalife Center's Hub (Founder)

How the mind processes heartbreak (The psychology of a heartbreak)

Reading Time: 5 minutes The mind always aim to make us feel better and alleviate the pain. The mind can resort to negative or positive defense mechanism to protect itself from the future pain. These defense mechanisms are fueled by our feelings and thoughts during the experience. The person may learn to trust less, love less and avoid opening their hearts to anyone they meet

5 ways to Set yourself free and live an alphalife.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Our personality is shaped by our conscious and unconscious processes. When a person is unhappy, angry, sad, distressed, nervous, anxious, curious, happy, etc. and any other related emotion, the brain and the mind would have played a pivotal role in the manifestation of these emotions. Neurologist have stimulated the part of the Limbic system (part …

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An Alpha does one of these every morning.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Waking Up Early risers are considered the most healthy individuals. Health is more than just the absence of diseases but it’s about being mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. It’s also linked to happiness and the one who is healthy has a positive outlook on life. Waking up early also means you can’t wait for what …

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