Brief Background About Me

Hi Alpha, my name is Nkosikhona Baloyi. Welcome to my blog where I blog about psychology and how I apply psychology principles to solve everyday stresses. I am a medical student at the University of Zimbabwe, a mental health practitioner at Africa Healing Foundation and a member of the Kaizen Champions foundation Trust leadership team. I’m mostly passionate about how the mind processes information and how it malfunctions when presented with ambiguous puzzles to solve. My dream is to nurture the human mind and relieve it of any distress. I’m also a physical wellness and personal development enthusiast. Physical wellness and self development is the perfect ingredient for a healthy mind.

This led to my passion in behavioral sciences and psychiatry. When I started counseling, I got to understand how it really feels like to be mentally trapped. The feeling of being trapped by your own thoughts and feeling like forces of life aren’t sympathizing with you. It sometimes feel like you’re all alone regardless of how many people are around you. I used to witness my loved ones undergoing depression and also seeing mentally disturbed wondering about the city. There is so much stigma around mental health. We have few people who seek counselling when depressed or in bereavement. A person who’s schizophrenic in Zimbabwe is laughed at and labelled “crazy” or “uyahlanya/ unopenda” in native language.

This indicates a great gap that is heavily fueled by the stigma around mental health. Depression, stress and other mental illnesses are viewed by certain cultures as a condition that only affect other cultures. There is need for the cultures to fully accept mental illnesses as one of the illnesses we all can develop. Continued use of the terms that used to describe mental illnesses is one the main reasons that is hindering the change. The mental images associated with terms such as schizophrenic, Bipolar etc. are unconsciously hindering the shift from our previous viewpoint. All these factors hit me hard and led me to mental health advocacy. The knowledge that mental illnesses have twice or thrice hit my lineage also keeps me focused on finding a cure.

Projects and collaborations


A simple guide to mutual relationships. Fission is a summary of the research which was conducted 2020 to unravel the causes of relationship breakups. We interviewed youths and adults through WhatsApp. They helped us with insights that led to their previous sexual relationship breakups. I then analyzed the psychology behind every breakup. The summary of the research is currently in progress.

Alphalife Center’s Hub

The outbreak of Covid-19 led to abrupt lockdown, closure of schools, churches, companies and sadly, death of loved ones. It stirred the whole world and left us all shocked. This led us to open a learning Hub on WhatsApp (currently with 243 members). This hub assist us develop habits and principles that will lead us to live a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. The hub is also here to help us realize that we’re special and unique. It aims therefore to unlock the potential that the human is capable of attaining. We invite to this platform diverse professionals to assist us in developing the four fundamentals of life. The four fundamentals of life are Social, Spiritual, Physical, and Mental. These guests include psychologist, doctors, lawyers, Motivational speakers, Counselors, Life Coaches, entrepreneurs etc. The platform gave us hope and comforted our troubled minds.

Meet the team who made Alphalifecenter’s Hub Possible

Bhekinkosi Baloyi Alphalife center's Hub admin

Bhekinkosi Baloyi

Japhet Luphahla Alphalife center's Hub admin

Japhet Luphahla

Thenjiwe Negretto Alphalife center's Hub admin

Thenjiwe Negretto

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Nobesuthu Madumejah

Our aim is to reach out to more Alphas not only through WhatsApp but through live seminars as well and we don’t want to wait until we’re old to live an Alphalife.

Guest Blogging

We also collaborate as bloggers and authors to impact lives and share different ways in which we handle everyday pressures. Reach out to get your blog post featured.

Why AlphalifeCenter Blog?

This is where I blog about psychology and how I apply psychology principles to solve everyday stresses. The word Alpha denotes the first or beginning. An Alphalife is a life lived with greatness and high level of self confidence. It encompasses, physical, mental wellness and peace within one’s self. Here I explain psychology and human physiology in simple terms. I try to make you understand how the mind processes information and how it responds to internal and environmental pressures. I’m also hear to share on how you can find peace and hope again. I also provide simple self development tips which are easy to follow. These are simple things that I also aim to achieve everyday. We will not get it right at once. We will always procrastinate sometimes but the greatest thing is not to give up on trying to live an Alphalife.

My goal is to make you realize that you’re special.

“It all starts when you realize that you’re special.” — Gordon Tredgold