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Life Before Birth

The human beings are born without any knowledge of the environment in which they will live in. They are brought to the environment without any clues on how it operates, its norms, laws of living or ethics.
The fetus is used to its watery environment, where food, oxygen, antibodies etc are freely delivered to it via its mother’s blood. It just excrete waste into its watery environment or to its mother’s blood.
The life of a fetus is just so simple, no stresses, no rebukes, no critics, no trials and errors. It just wakes up to swim and float in its watery environment.

There is something unexpectedly that happens when a fetus has to leave its comfort zone during birth. In this new uncomfortable environment it has to use its nose to breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Its lungs have to expand to allow air ventilation. This is the adaptation mechanism and its a painful experience so the newly born baby cries out loud. In as much as its painful for the baby, to the family its a sign that the baby is alive.

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If a baby does not cry at its birth then we know something is wrong with the baby.

Live After Birth

We can appreciate our inborn knowledge and skills we can use for a while but not for too long. These skills can only help us to find food (breast milk), attain favors from our parents and show our emotions but as we grow up we begin to learn from our experiences, we become more aware of the harmful things in our environment and we avoid some of them or adapt to them. We venture into new fields, new skills and we seek for new experiences.

The world to us is always changing, its always bringing up new challenges, pressures and stressors. The process is slow when these pressures are coming to us but faster when we go out to meet them. We may start a new company, start a new course or new skill. When we encounter challenges we then break down and succumb to them and quit to our comfort zone instead of adapting to them. If a fetus was afraid of the pain of the first breath, then it would die inside the womb. The adaptation process may take time depending on our body or brain’s adaptive capacity, but the bottom point is, human beings are adaptive beings in the long or short run.

Gaur Gopal Das my favorite Indian Lifestyle Coach narrated a story of a museum which was laid with marble tiles and in the middle of the foyer there was a beautiful marble statue. Many people from all over the world visited the Museum everyday and admired the beautifully crafted statue. One night, one of the marble tiles on the floor started talking to the marble statue… Hey statue, we are originally from the same mines, transported on the same lorry, brought to the same sculptor, why then do people from across the world come all the way here, step on me, stamp on me, but stand and admire you so much? This is so unfair. The marble statue replied, My dear friend, oh tile, do you remember how both of us sat there side by side in the sculptors workshop in our original forms as marble blocks? And do you recollect how the sculptor chose to work on you first? When he started using the tools on you simply to turn you into a masterpiece you resisted and started to fall apart. Of course, I remember, said the marble tile. I hate that guy. How could he use those sharp tools on me? It hurt so badly. The marble statue continued…That is right, then you could not take the pain of his tools, so he decided to give up on you and started to work on me instead. I knew at once that if I had to be something different I would have to bear the pain. Thinking so, instead of resisting the pain, I bore all the pain of the sharp tools he used on me, my friend. There is a price to everything in life. Since you decided to quit half way, you cannot blame anybody who steps on you now. The sculptor wanted to make a masterpiece of you but you resisted and became a floor tile.

We only have to study, equip ourselves, be aware and strengthen our brain muscles for the journey to the uncomfortable. The world will always bring challenges to us but we have survived enough since the beginning of time.

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We wouldn’t quit if we had prepared enough, put right effort, adequate commitment and then applied the right techniques. It all starts with the knowledge of who we are ,our values and aspirations, then we may set to the uncomfortable environment.
Many venture into entrepreneurship but later quit because they put more effort than they can maintain for the rest of their lives. We ought to put the right amount of effort that we will maintain for the rest of your life. If we put too much we’ll get exhausted and break down.

Sometimes our relationships breakdown because one partner expresses more affection than they may offer for the rest of their lives.

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They buy flowers every week, buy each other cars every birthday or call and texts every second. One must always ask him/herself: Will I manage this for the rest of my life?

Whenever we have been lured enough and felt curious to move away from our comfort, its wise to first calculate the cost, effort and demand that is required for the journey. The next step would be to maintain the same pace depending on the adaptation process of your brain and body.

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