An Alpha does one of these every morning.

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Waking Up

Early risers are considered the most healthy individuals. Health is more than just the absence of diseases but it’s about being mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. It’s also linked to happiness and the one who is healthy has a positive outlook on life.

Waking up early also means you can’t wait for what tomorrow has for you. You’re an alpha male or alpha lady who’s always ready for what tomorrow may bring. You kickstart the day with positivity and you’re unlikely to fail miserably in solving any difficulty in that day.

Have you ever set an alarm to wake you up @3am,then as it rang you immediately slammed it off and went back to sleep.

If you can relate then you’re reading the right information. So to force you to wake up, try to place your phone or alarm a few meters from your bed and far from your reach, so when it rings you’ll have to wake up, stand up, feel that morning breeze and then shut it off. Placing your phone away from your reach gives your body 10 seconds to release locomotive chemicals which also brings awareness that you had plans to do in the morning.

Waking up early only works if the night before you had slept earlier to give yourself 7-8 hours of sleep but sometimes when we are behind on tasks we find ourselves sleeping 5.5 – 6hrs. This is not healthy for the mind and body. We increase our stress levels, weaken our immune system and according to NHS one may become obese.


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We have different beliefs, ideas and faith but we all have the same structure of the spiritual Beliefs. We have a super being whom we believe in and it could be God, Allah, Buddha, Thor or Diana etc. Pray or talk to your supreme being early in the morning, ask for guidance, ask for happiness and ask for whatever will brighten up your day. After you have prayed believe that he has granted all your wishes.

Having the sense of his presence and protection will enlighten your soul, fill you with positivity and make you walk tall throughout the day.

Drinking warm water

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Well you need to add a bit of herbs e.g. mint leaves, Aloe or lemon juice. ginger, Note: You should drink on an empty stomach. Warm water will help detoxify your body, clean your liver, your blood and improve your immune system. These herbs have been proven (especially Aloe) to help fight the kidney infections. To name a few benefits.


Exercise has been proven to have most of the benefits on the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Exercise improves cardiac output, lowers blood pressure, results in normal pulse rate, prevents the likelihood of having stroke and Coronary Heart Diseases.

Exercising also keeps your body fit and in shape (muscular).This is an advantage for man,you know what I mean.

Emotionally you become strong. The normal oxygenated blood flowing to your brain improves the functioning of the brain including the way it perceives and processes information.

Yoga Practice

While the exercise improves our physiology, yoga nourishes the mind. I used to have a wrong impression about meditation, I thought it was characterized by a form of teleportation, massive concentration which is not easily achievable, and only attained by Zen masters but with advancements in my knowldege and the right information I discovered i was wrong.

According to Mindful when we practise mindfulness meditation we lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we’re kinder to ourselves.

Meditation is simple, it’s all about training our mind to focus on task at hand. There are many techniques used such as, breathing, walking, loving-kindness practice which involve silently repeating phrases that offer good qualities to oneself and to others. In loving-kindness practice one would say statements like these to him/herself;  

• May I live in safety.
• May I have mental happiness (peace, joy).
• May I have physical happiness (health, freedom from pain).
• May I live with ease.

In breathing technique a person sits or lies down comfortable and start paying attention to their breaths for about 10-20 mins and in walking technique one counts his/her steps whenever walking.

Yoga schools from all over the globe offer lessons, training and certification. You can search the Yoga schools in your country. What mostly interests me are yoga pose challenges which involve stretching your body and posing in certain ways as shown by the t-shirt design on the left.

Which activity are you engaged in every morning and from the list which one do you mostly do? What are the challenges that you sometimes face that prevent you from doing these activities in the morning? Let us know in the comments section.

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